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  1. yay, photoshop is so much fun, I'd love it if more people do photoshop stuff and share
  2. I thought they might, they should if you are paying for their product/service.
  3. maybe it's a setting @Tom can set for single spacing
  4. maybe a Dark theme for night time reading, do Themes cost extra from invision also?
  5. I think Games also, and I like the Generic Graphics section idea so we can post giveaways etc
  6. I guess some people are having trouble logging in, please try clearing your cache and cookies, or try an incognito page and try on another device and see if that can get you in
  7. lol yes, I'm istersay there too I have been trying to get stylish to apply a dark theme here, I like that better at night also. so far no luck
  8. maybe tom or buzz can set the size of video embed to a smaller size
  9. and tweets, videos etc embed automatically also later on maybe there will be, IMO it's better than the one atrl got though lol
  10. 50 49 ALLY BROOKE No Good 412 293 119 0.770+18 Spins= Bullet+0.096 Audience
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