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    • I’m sure Jennifer Nopez has a song called Boss so I don’t think Wally will object.
    • Woah, new UI. It is... not intuitive. I think the bar for firing NHL coaches is starting to get ridiculous, and Gallant's firing is probably the oddest one yet. But I kind of don't fault them because Vegas should realistically be 15 points clear of this dogpile. The Canucks have won 11 of 14 and are somehow entering their break as the division leaders. The Battle of Alberta is definitely back. With all the warnings, I don't think anything major will happen on the 29th (maybe late in the game), but there's a rematch three days later that I suspect will be a royal mess. I'm not surprised Francis is still being a shameless shill about this whole thing. Mind you, all the guys on the Edmonton side are being just as bad. I think a fight in the press box might break out on the 29th. Tortorella was mad because too much time came off the clock after a whistle, which he thinks resulted in his team's goal being called off because it was after the buzzer, which resulted in his goalie getting injured later. There is usually some nuggets of truth in Torts' rants, but this one was silly. 1. Has Tortorella heard of the time-space continuum? The butterfly effect? If the time doesn't come off the clock, the whole sequence of events leading to his team's goal that was too late doesn't happen. It doesn't mean the goal is just moved up by the amount of time that elapsed after the whistle blew. Same for the injury. 2. The wrong amount of time comes off the clock after literally every whistle. They don't review it every single time because it would disrupt the pace of play and makes games substantially longer. But we only have to talk about this when it affects John Tortorella. It is horribly cold in Toronto too. Even colder than Calgary (I just checked). I miss BC. Vancouver and Victoria got snow a week ago and both cities basically shut down for two days.
    • I like that the coaches actually gave a lot of good critiques, based on the spoiler.  Sad about Samuel Wilco tho, I liked him. 
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